[S1 E12] Intersectionality Series: The Layers of Work/Life Endurance

Podcast Title Graphic: Layers of Work/Life Endurance

Dr. Johnson Benning is back, continuing to chat with Patti about intersectionality especially as it relates to young women of color. They talk about the impossibility of compartmentalization, the layers that bring intersectionality and mental health together, and the concept of work/life endurance. From little traumas to big Trauma, Dr. Johnson Benning discusses compounding stressors,…

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[S1 E10] Latina Equal Pay Day: The Fruits of Inequity and Intersectionality

Podcast Title Graphic: Latina Equal Pay Day

In this episode, Patti introduces a new series on the concept of intersectionality and links it to pay inequity. She specifically looks at the lowest paid of all workers – Latinas who earn only 54 cents on the dollar compared to white men. Latina Equal Pay Website: https://www.latinaequalpay.org/ Kimberle Crenshaw TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/kimberle_crenshaw_the_urgency_of_intersectionality?language=en Lean In…

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[S1 E9]: Stories From the Trenches: Putting the Puzzle Together

Podcast Title Graphic: Stories from the Trenches - Putting the Puzzle Together

In this episode, I conclude the Gloria and Archie saga by not only answering the four specific questions posed (the four separate concerns Gloria identified), but I also focus on how to eliminate bias from next steps, and guide listeners through a framework on how to get things back on track after an investigation. Specifically,…

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[S1 E7] Stories from the Trenches: I am Not a Racist!

Podcast Title Graphic: I am not a racist!

In today’s episode, we hear from Archie, the colleague Gloria accused of spewing anti-diversity sentiments at diversity committee meetings (and engaging in other behavior Gloria found questionable or inappropriate). Hear how Archie responds to these accusations and hear more insight on how to make sure your workplace investigation interviews set the right tone, create the…

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[S1 E6] Stories from the Trenches: My Colleague is Racist!

Podcast Title Graphic: My Colleague is Racist!

Patti introduces her new series – “Stories from the Trenches” – a re-enactment of real-life investigations she conducted in her 20+ year career as a workplace sleuth. In this episode, Patti interviews Gloria, an employee who is sick and tired of having to hear her colleague, Archie, spew anti diversity comments. As the mother of…

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[S1 E5] The Importance of Workplace Equity and Inclusion

Podcast Title Graphic: The Importance of Workplace Equity and Inclusion

Patti shares stories and comments she’s hearing from the trenches – in surveys measuring employee sentiment and what she’s hearing in focus groups – about the need for workplace justice, and the need to create environments that are radically inclusive. She also shares family and other stories to drive home the point that the topics…

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