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The Drama-Free Workplace:

How You Can Prevent Unconscious Bias, Sexual Harassment, Ethics Lapses, and Inspire a Healthy Culture

  • Learn the primary causes of workplace drama - and how to minimize them.
  • Improve your conflict resolution skills so that your team works better together.
  • Build communication skills that foster faith in your leadership and integrity.
  • Master the art of writing and enforcing human-friendly workplace policies.
  • Get the tools you need to conduct authentic and effective workplace investigations.

Tension, anxiety, and conflict at work all fuel what is known today as “drama” in the workplace, causing loss of income, productivity, and profit to all involved parties. Finally, help is available.

“Highly respected attorney and consultant Patti Perez has written an easy-to-read manual offering step-by-step instructions for addressing the issues, diagnosing the problem, and implementing a resolution.

Perez offers, in everyday language, a guide to climbing the workplace-culture pyramid to achieve goals for improving and enhancing a satisfying work environment. Her “Roadmap for Creating and Maintaining a Drama-Free Culture” offers simplified checklists for conducting investigations and creating workplace policy.

This real-world guidebook belongs on the shelves of enlightened supervisors, managers and business leaders everywhere.”

Donna M. Dell, Former Labor Commissioner for the State of California

The Drama-Free Workplace is sure to become a text that will be read by HR professionals, employment attorneys, executive coaches, and really anyone in the modern workplace who wants to do their part to reduce unnecessary conflict.”

Nestor Barrero, Senior Counsel, Costangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP.

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The Drama-Free Workplace is distributed by Porchlight Press.

What you will learn


Gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of drama in the workplace so that you can proactively improve the wellbeing of your coworkers, resulting in fewer incident investigations, higher productivity and a more cohesive team.

Discover the leading predictors of sexual harassment (and the cure!) so that everyone feels safe and valued at work.

Learn the science behind unconscious bias and what it means from the perspective of your diverse employees. And discover essential tools for meeting your DEI targets so that your organization benefits from insights drawn from many different perspectives.

Benefit from a step-by-step guide to building a healthy workplace culture, to take the guesswork out of handling sensitive subjects like sexual harassment and cultural bias.

And more...

  • Explore the link between safety culture and drama-free culture in the workplace, and learn how to translate your safety achievements into improved employee wellbeing.
  • Improve your emotional intelligence and develop precise and persuasive communication skills, so that you don’t end up inadvertently contributing to the workplace conflicts you are trying to resolve.
  • Learn to draft, communicate and enforce workplace policies that respect the intelligence and integrity of your staff, rather than confusing and oppressive policies written by jumpy lawyers out of fear of litigation.
  • Use the comprehensive tool kit for conducting credible and effective workplace investigations, to ensure your staff remains confident in your fairness and concern for their best interests.

The Drama-Free Workplace is the ideal manual for…

  • Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Human Rights Professionals
  • Policy Analysts
  • DEI or Harassment Trainers
  • Workplace Investigators
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Anyone who wants to help make their workplace drama-free!

The Drama-Free Workplace is available as a hard copy, e-book, and audio-book read by Patti Perez herself!

The Drama-Free Workplace is a much-needed solution to the people challenges that keep executives up at night.

“Whether you define drama as ethics lapses, harassment, unconscious bias, resistance to change, or lack of accountability, Patti Perez tackles these issues and more head on. Better yet, her roadmap solutions for creating and maintaining a drama-free culture are practical and relevant, no matter what industry, company size, or geography you find yourself in. Make this mandatory reading for your leadership team and in your MBA classes!”

Paul Falcone, HR Executive & bestselling author

About the Author .

Patti Perez is an internationally acclaimed expert on workplace culture

Her career as a litigator, workplace investigator and a certified HR professional gives her comprehensive insight into the causes and cures of workplace conflict, while her background as a Salvadoran immigrant gives her deep personal insight into issues faced by diverse workers.

This unique combination of experiences allows Patti to weave together her practical, no-nonsense solutions with humor and wisdom, in an intimate style that anyone can read and enjoy.

What other people are saying...

Great reference tool for leaders. Had an opportunity to sit in one of Patti Perez’s sessions and it was an absolute amazing presentation. She is thorough, witty and articulate regarding her subject matter. The book is an excellent resource for anyone looking to reduce drama in organizational setting.

-Charles Oatis, Amazon Review

Step-by-step to Create an Emotionally and Psychologically Safe Workplace. This is a great book with tons of great material. Patti has tons of experience in the legal and operational field of how to best deal with creating a positive work culture that guards against a hostile work environment. If you want a workplace that can be creative, supportive, engaged, and thriving, then this book is a must. A step-by-step on how to get that done and make sure that your workforce is thriving... all of them!

-Arthur Lapre, Amazon Review

Relevant, simple and entertaining! Patti has the keen ability to break down complex law and difficult - sensitive - subject matter and transform it into interesting storytelling. I laughed. I cringed. I related. This book isn’t just for HR or Executives. It’s for anyone who has an interest in understanding the world we work in and why these topics are so very important.

-Amy Rumbin, Amazon Review

Leadership, Equality & The Human Condition. Authentic and written by someone who is clearly a human first, and a seasoned leader second. Loaded with practical tools, perspectives and valuable ideas - each chapter made me do at least one thing differently and better each day when it comes to my own communication and thought processes at work and in life.

-Jennifer B Dowdy, Amazon Review

If you work with people, you will benefit from this book! This book is a quick, easy read with numerous practical takeaways. Patti Perez is an advocate for strong and ethical employment practices that enable people to achieve their best at work. Her passion is loud and clear from the very first page. She is the voice HR and management need right now, and I strongly recommend this book.

-Sejal Friday, Amazon Review

Must read for HR professionals. This book is so necessary right now. I've enjoyed listening to it on Audible in the mornings. The old trusted steps that lawyers like me preached about for years have not worked. This book contains wisdom and provides clear and practical steps for employers to ensure they build workplaces with integrity and courage.

-Sarah Nichols, Amazon Review

Relevant, simple and entertaining! Patti has the keen ability to break down complex law and difficult - sensitive - subject matter and transform it into interesting storytelling. I laughed. I cringed. I related. This book isn’t just for HR or Executives. It’s for anyone who has an interest in understanding the world we work in and why these topics are so very important.

-Amy Rumbin, Amazon Review

Helping to understand biases and so much more. Great book. Lots of insight into why there is drama in the workplace and how to understand and combat. Also has very interesting statistics. Especially useful to those who have been in a management role for a while and are having trouble adjusting due to generational gaps. I have passed it on to an HR colleague. Thanks Patti Perez

-D Wade, Amazon Review