Demystify the Conflict in Your Life with the Drama-Free Workplace Podcast

Learn about the psychology of conflict and get practical advice for resolving it

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The Drama-Free Workplace Podcast

Can you imagine life with no drama? If you envy your friend or colleague who seems to embrace her inner Gandhi, then this is the podcast for you.

Drawing on wisdom from her Salvadoran immigrant roots, stories from her (almost) 30 year career as an attorney (don’t hold that against her), workplace investigator and best-selling author, Patti Perez will make you laugh, cry and think – but most importantly she will motivate you to act by providing practical advice to manage and resolve conflict, at work and beyond.

Through honest conversations with business leaders, HR professionals, workers, experts and more, Patti explores causes and solutions of workplace drama, best practices for implementing diversity, equity and inclusion programs, the delicate art of conducting effective workplace investigations, and more!

Featured Episodes .

Stories from the Trenches: “My Colleague is Racist”

In part one of this three part special, Patti interviews a DEI Committee member, who shares concerns that a colleague is undermining the committee’s work.

Diversity & Equity & Inclusion - Oh My!

Patti shares personal stories, talks about the psychology and expression of implicit bias, and the importance of representation and inclusion in society.

Getting Real with Prof. Al Tillery: A Conversation about Systemic Racism

Keen personal and professional insights on the subject of racism from the perspective of a NWU professor of political science, author, and lynching survivor.

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Drama, drama, drama!

“This is Patti Perez, and you’re listening to the Drama-Free Workplace podcast, where I combine the wisdom passed down to me by my drama-free Salvadoran parents with the lessons I’ve learned from nearly thirty years working as an attorney, workplace investigator, author and speaker. We’ll cover topics from faith to friendship, ethics to equity, bullying to bias, and everything in between. I throw in a dash of my Latina sass and bring my perspective as a mom, wife, daughter, and friend to make the serious topic of workplace conflict seem less daunting, so that you can manage and resolve drama effectively.”

Patti Perez

Host, the Drama-Free Workplace Podcast

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