Bring your people together & eliminate workplace drama.

Meet Patti Perez, ex-attorney, HR professional, workplace investigator and sassy Latina, equipped to help organizations navigate their way to a healthy company culture that's compassionate and fair.

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Imagine working with leaders who make courageous decisions and inspire a profound sense of trust.
Picture an organization where the work and the culture stimulate your imagination.
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Visualize a workplace where you're valued and have a deep sense of belonging & contribution.

Do you want to build working relationships that breed trust?

You want to attract, retain and develop your best candidates and appeal to a broad client base. But when your organization is bogged down by workplace drama, a lack of diverse perspectives, or fear-based policies written by jumpy lawyers, it’s tough to realize these goals.

Creating a culture of radical kinship takes more than ticking boxes, signing a pledge, meeting a quota, limiting your legal liability, or hanging an award on your office wall. Cultivating faith in your company leadership calls for earning your stakeholders’ trust in an authentic, meaningful way.


We provide solutions to industry leaders spanning the organizational gamut.

Not just anyone, but anywhere too. Our client organizations don't just span industries, they span the globe from the United States and Latin America, to Europe and Asia. We serve non-profits, telecommunications, biomedical, government, healthcare, technology, and ALL other industries by providing paradigm-shifting, customized answers to tricky workplace issues

What does it mean to radiate resilience?


Resilience is adapting successfully in the presence of risk and adversity, and to bounce back from setbacks, trauma, and high-stress. It is the capacity to withstand and grow to manage future negative events. It does not eliminate adversity; it's the ability to effectively respond to adversity and change.

Now more than ever workplace leaders and employees must be able to adapt resiliently to their environments together.

Let your soul glow
Grab the Radiating Resilience checklist now and begin the path to healthier work and life boundaries.
Meet Patti .

Our diversity can be our greatest strength.

Do you want to foster a workplace culture where everyone feels included, valued, respected, and optimistic about their future prospects with your organization?

With my background as an attorney, an HR professional, a workplace investigator, and a Latina immigrant, I can help you get on track.

I will work with you to build better, more authentic relationships with everyone who has a stake in your organization’s success so that your business goals aren't undermined by needless conflict or disgruntled employees.

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Are you ready to create your own drama-free workplace?


My no-nonsense, data-driven process will reveal conflict triggers that are plaguing your organization—and give you concrete steps to get rid of them once and for all.

If you want to...
  • nurture a drama-free working environment so that your team works better together
  • address the causes of employee complaints instead of waiting for problems to arise
  • attract, retain and develop diverse leaders so that you can realize a higher ROI
  • foster a more equitable workplace culture so that your employees give you 100%
  • be a leader who inspires confidence and trust inside and outside your organization

… and you don’t know where or how to start, let me be your guide on the exciting path to cultural transformation.

(This is what makes me tick!)


I can help you manifest a healthier, happier workplace.

Discover the ways we can work together...
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DEI Accelerator Program

If your organization is deeply and authentically committed to creating a workplace that represents and values all employees, and wants to place radical fairness at the center of everything you do—you want my help to create a workplace that values diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

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Team Performance Booster

Gain a deeper understanding of the core motives, conflict triggers and conflict management impacting you and your team members, so that your organization functions more effectively and efficiently by communicating more transparently.

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Workplace Investigator Training

Learn how to conduct workplace investigations, from harassment to bullying to implicit bias, using fair and transparent procedures that stand up to a sniff test with your employees.


Here are some other useful resources!

Listen & Learn

The Drama-Free Workplace Podcast

My fun and funky semi-weekly podcast features great conversations with culture leaders. Full of food for thought, laughter and tears—and lots of practical advice for managing and resolving conflict wherever you find it—you don’t want to miss it!

Read the Best-Selling Book

The Drama-Free Workplace

I wrote the book on this stuff—literally! After investigating thousands of HR complaints, I realized I was handling the same ten or fifteen complaints over and over again. My book offers practical advice to avoid the most common workplace complaints (and costly litigation!)

The Drama-Free Workplace
Keynotes & Workshops

Create change with Virtual Keynotes

Book a keynote speaker who will inspire the members of your organization to embrace a higher level of kinship with one another, so that your team works better together.

The Drama-Free Workplace Podcast .