[S2 E4] #YCMTSU: Let’s Talk About Seco, Baby

Have you ever traveled abroad and said something or made a gesture that, as it turns out, means something entirely different in that country, language or culture? Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you do? Do you just speak more slowly and more loudly to be understood? In today’s episode of the “You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up” series, join Patti and Katie as they explore these questions and more. So let’s talk about seco, baby… 

Join us as we delve into common investigation issues including the prevalence of immature behavior at work (intentional and unintentional), debunking the myth that behavior falls into the good/bad or right/wrong dichotomy, the age-old belief of the “he said she said” fallacy, and how these issues can lead to employees feeling like they don’t belong, or that the are being treated unfairly.

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Meet Your Host: Patti Perez

Patti Perez is founder and CEO of PersuasionPoint, a modern-day consulting firm dedicated to teaching leaders and teams how to create and sustain healthy, equitable and inclusive workplace cultures. Patti is the best-selling, award-winning author of The Drama-Free Workplace (Wiley 2019), and draws from the book’s themes to provide practical, authentic, and action-oriented solutions to help companies achieve true diversity and equity, and to create environments of belonging and inclusion.

Patti provides services specifically tailored to address law firms’ struggles with recruiting, retaining, promoting and fully valuing diverse attorneys – including consulting, leadership training, and boot camps for diverse attorneys who are emerging leaders.

Contact Patti here or email her directly at Patti@PersuasionPoint.com.

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