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Are you looking for an expert speaker who can turn decades of experience in the trenches as a workplace investigator, employment attorney, HR professional and best-selling author on workplace culture into an engaging, relatable experience for your guests?

I'm Patti Perez .

Look no further!

I’ve delivered popular keynotes across the United States, Latin America and Asia. My keynotes are popular and highly rated by participants who appreciate my thought provoking combination of experience, insight, and practical, no-nonsense solutions to some of the stickiest problems in the modern workplace.

My sassy, authentic personality and passion for cultural transformation breathes life and humor into my presentations. The wealth of professional experience I draw from being a former lawyer, conducting over 1200 workplace investigations, and personal insights drawn from my everyday life as a Latina immigrant will appeal to a broad range of audiences - guaranteed!

"You did an outstanding job teaching and answering our questions. Thank you for the inspiration and courageous leadership highlights that we can focus on in our professions."

Erika M.

"Wonderful presentation at Women’s Week! I know so many businesses can benefit from the great work that you do. What I enjoyed most were the stories you shared. I love a good story because it creates pictures in my mind (I’m a visual learner) that I can connect to."

Samara W.


Gain valuable insight into:

  • Women’s challenges in leadership
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies
  • Intergenerational cultural conflict
  • Effective incident investigations
  • Bias and diversity in education
  • Unconscious bias in decision-making
  • Cultural issues unique to law firms
  • Drama-Free Workplace strategies
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The Drama-Free Workplace: Malaysia 2019

"Thank you for hosting such an enlightening conversation! I learned a lot today."

Kiriana M.

"Thank you for sharing your strengths and insights today. Gives me inspiration and hope."

Kathleen W.


Patti is available for TV, radio, podcasts and more!

Are you looking for an expert speaker that can help your audience make sense of the emerging practices in leadership and employee engagement, cultural trends relating to #MeToo, or take a deep dive into issues of workplace diversity, equity and inclusion?