I’m Patti Perez

I can help you hunt down the root causes of workplace drama, so that your team works better together.


I’m on a life-long mission to spark a revolutionary shift in how we relate to one another at work. Transforming organizational culture to be more authentic and connected is what gets me up in the morning.


I’ve conducted thousands of workplace investigations, duked it out as a lawyer (not my thing, as it turned out!), authored a book on workplace drama, written regulations implementing California’s civil rights laws, and traveled the world to talk about workplace conflict management.

And it doesn’t stop there! I combine all this professional expertise with my perspective as a sassy Salvadoran immigrant. Taken together, my personal and professional experience spells solutions that are thoughtful and practical. I’m really good at spotting the kindling that sparks conflict in the workplace. I can help you clear out the brush, so that you spend less time putting out fires.

What I’m about

  • Transparent policies and processes, written in plain English (or Spanish!)
  • Encounters that are open and real, so that everyone is truly heard and understood
  • Authentic kinship that includes everyone, wherever they come from
  • Candid communication that builds faith, not just trust
  • Honoring what matters to others

What I’m NOT about

  • Nice-sounding, empty words that do nothing to make life better for workers
  • Obedience (I think every good “what” should come with a “why”)
  • Workplace policies and practices based on fear of litigation (AKA not trusting your employees)
  • Advocacy that amounts to little more than box ticking and back patting
  • Yucky, inauthentic PR campaigns

Create real cultural change that sticks

To prevent, manage or resolve workplace drama, you need a strategy that accounts for human psychology. As a huge psychology nerd who has witnessed the human reality play out in my work, I understand the difficulties many workers face on a deep, personal level. And yes, I do mean personal, as I approach my work through the lens of an immigrant Latina as well as an expert in the field.

I’m not about band-aid solutions or quick fixes. I offer data-driven, pragmatic solutions for organizational transformation.

And I’m not about identifying problems but offering no solutions. Working with me means you’ll receive practical, time-tested answers to the trickiest workplace issues.

Building a healthy workplace culture takes more than good intentions. It takes real commitment to your values. And it takes a willingness to roll up your sleeves and do the work so that your stakeholders know (not just hope) that they can trust you to look after their best interests.

This is why I created practical, no-nonsense processes that will help you find and eliminate conflict triggers that lead to grumpy and dissatisfied workers, which in turn leads to grumpy and dissatisfied clients.

of women are unsatisfied with decision-making abilities at their workplace.
of employees say their organization lacks diversity in leadership positions.
of employees want more diverse workplaces.
of companies with diverse boards noticed higher profits.

What does cultural transformation look like?


Respect → Grace 

Go beyond the “tolerance” of our differences and give everyone the benefit of the doubt!

Allyship → Kinship

Do more than cheering from the sidelines and build meaningful, authentic relationships!

Trust → Faith

Do you want your team to trust you’ll avoid the wrong thing - or have faith you’ll get it right?

Superficial Connections → Community-building

People have more to offer than their job descriptions. Be open to embracing the whole.

Candor → Compassion

Communication is a two-way street. Make sure you are listening, not just being heard.

Are you ready to make deep transformational changes, so that everyone can feel and see the progress to a more fun, more fair organization? 


Kick-start your journey on the path to a healthier, happier workplace.

Let’s build the foundation for a higher level of kinship, faith, and compassion in your working community.
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DEI Accelerator Program

If your organization is deeply and authentically committed to creating a workplace that represents and values all employees, and wants to place radical fairness at the center of everything you do — you want my help to create a workplace that values diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

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Team Performance Booster

Gain a deeper understanding of the core motives, conflict triggers and conflict management impacting you and your team members, so that your organization functions more effectively and efficiently by communicating more transparently

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Workplace Investigator Training

Learn how to conduct workplace investigations, from harassment to bullying to implicit bias, using fair and transparent procedures that stand up to a sniff test with your employees.

Meet the Team .

Jenn Treado

Director of Marketing (Woman Behind the Curtain)

Jenn works behind the scenes to GSD (get sh** done). Whether that's developing systems and processes to make everything run as smoothly as possible or building worlds as a novelist, Jenn's dual background in IT and creative writing makes her a very practical visionary.  

Jenn's keen eye, sharp observations and sensitivity ensure our clients’ concerns are understood and resolved through lenses of fairness and open communication, while protecting their anonymity and safety. She loves her work with PersuasionPoint because the company’s passion for accessibility, kinship, and space-holding represents a deep-rooted value alignment. 

A professional renaissance woman, Jenn enjoys a good cup of earl grey, cuddling her three cats, playing video games with her partner, and weaving stories.


Katie Foggiano

Director of Operations (Human Swiss Army Knife)

Katie works to solve any and all problems that may arise. A graduate in Theatre from Concordia University Irvine, she has worked behind the scenes in producing, casting, and literature at the La Jolla Playhouse and Actor's Theatre of Louisville. She also served as the Marketing Director at First Floor Theater in Chicago. 

From managing client relations and finances to analyzing information with the team of fellow data nerds, Katie enjoys every minute of her work at PersuasionPoint. With her strong drive to make everyone's workplace an equitable and healthy environment, PersuasionPoint is a natural fit.

Currently an MA candidate at Johns Hopkins University's Museum Studies program, Katie enjoys cross stitching, drinking tea, and looking at doggos, dreaming of the day she can get one.

Or learn how to scale down the drama, both at work and in life

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The Drama-Free Workplace Podcast

My fun and funky semi-weekly podcast features great conversations with culture leaders. Full of food for thought, laughter and tears  - and lots of practical advice for managing and resolving conflict wherever you find it - you don’t want to miss it!

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The Drama-Free Workplace

I wrote the book on this stuff - literally! After investigating thousands of HR complaints, I realized I was handling the same ten or fifteen complaints over and over again. The book offers practical advice to avoid the most common workplace complaints (and costly litigation!)

The Drama-Free Workplace