Coaching with Patti Perez, Drama Slayer

Level up your career today, for a more resilient tomorrow.

Our aim is to keep you accountable, focused and motivatedto creatively execute your plan. You've got this and we've got you!

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PersuasionPoint’s Leadership and Resilience Coaching program is a proactive and holistic approach to helping clients determine the “how” and “why” to their professional and personal goals. Our mission is to help leaders at any stage see a clear picture of where you are now and where you want to go. As a team, we work together to develop a step-by-step plan to resolve what might be blocking you from realizing your goals and dreams.

A customizedroadmap.


Our unique coaching approach seeks to recognize and build on your innate strengths. This allows you to make bold career decisions and to help support you in building authorship over your life. While our plan is to tailor our work to your needs, we have developed a systematic coaching process that helps you identify what your desired outcome looks like and ways for you to take action to get there.

of all Americans of all ages were reporting symptoms of an anxiety disorder, including a remarkable 42 percent of people in their twenties.
The mental Health Commission of Canada reports that 1 in 2 Canadians will deal with a mental health illness in their lives.
the estimated $ cost of lost productivity in the global economy due to poor mental health, according to the World Health Organization.
the ROI for companies who invest and implement in well-being strategies.

We work with you as a team.


Together, we create specific, measurable goals and an action plan to achieve them. We believe with the right support and skills; you can live up to your ideals and live a meaningful and purposeful life both at work and at home. We believe that one doesn’t have to be sacrificed for the other.

Meet Patti

Chief Drama Slayer

Patti draws on her personal and professional experience to guide leaders on becoming drama slayers.

At PersuasionPoint, Patti is the Chief Drama Slayer and combines her professional experience as a California employment attorney, an expert witness, a state regulator, an HR professional and a workplace sleuth to identify root causes of drama.

Patti also draws on her personal experience and background. As a Salvadoran immigrant, Patti is the walking personification of intersectionality. Her challenges and triumphs have given her a unique perspective and she weaves that into all of her work, including her work as a leadership coach.

Compassionate Sharp-Shooter

Patti's style is direct and candid, but also kind and compassionate. She has the ability to cut through the BS and speak as a truth-teller, but does so in a way that is not judgmental and seeks to increase understanding and grace.

Always Practical

As a person motived by performance, Patti's style incorporates the concept of GSD - she works with clients who want to see results and provides practical recommendations and solutions that help rising leaders and executives not only get to the next step, but do so with grace, gusto and gratitude.

Art + Science

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As a foundation to our coaching solutions, we rely on the results from the Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0 (SDI 2.0). You will begin your journey by taking this assessment to discover your motives when things are going well and your motives when you're in conflict. You'll also identify your strengths, and you'll gain a better understanding of your overdone strengths. The process will also identify conflict triggers and will provide science-backed information to help you along your leadership journey.

Hone Your Transformational Leadership Skills

Our coaching program can help strengthen leadership skills and change behaviors that can directly impact business results and relationships. We help support and develop leaders, especially as you transition into new roles or prepare to take on more responsibilities.

Strengthen Your Emotional And Relational Intelligence

By understanding your individual strength profile and what motivates you, we can guide you to adjust your approach to make interactions more effective, improve relationships, and build better teams.

Reach Your Goals

We take a proactive approach to helping you create your professional and personal SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic and Time Oriented) Goals. Together, we will develop a step-by-step implementation plan to reach your goals and strengthen your ability to resolve roadblocks and setbacks as they come up.

Find Balance

We examine ways to help you set boundaries and find fulfillment instead of being saddled down by “have to’s” and “should do’s.”  We work collaboratively with you to keep you motivated, focused, and moving forward to your best life.

Focus On Holistic Well-being

Combining deep knowledge of psychological principles with the know-how gained from working in high-stress industries, we help you build and strengthen your resilience toolkit.



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