A healthy workplace culture focuses on relationships over rules

Candidates and employees are no longer satisfied with workplace culture status quo. The old employee handbook - with mandates on what not to do, written in legalese, and rarely read until the employee is in trouble - is no longer enough to provide the rules of the road.

A "culture deck" is a modern way of communicating your core values, history, and vision for the future. It provides candidates and employees alike a glimpse into what it's like to be a member of your team. It screams authenticity, inclusion, trust and equity for all.


Go beyond telling employees what NOT to do. Start your relationship right with a transparent and authentic view into your organization.

Companies with fantastic cultures are intentional and relentless about planning and executing a strategy to put culture at the center of everything they do. We can help you develop and execute the culture changes your organization needs. Our team supports you at your level, blending data-based consulting and coaching that best serves your organization and workplace culture.

We believe in working collaboratively with our clients as partners. Based on your needs, this can look like:


Anonymous surveys that allow employees to be candid.

Focus Groups

Intimate groups to brainstorm and reflect together on company culture.

1:1 Coaching

Change management for c-level stakeholders.


Leadership and employee workshops for change makers.


Our team provides a draft of your culture deck language.


Or, you provide the draft and we provide recommendations.


We can help proof and edit your culture deck.


Or a mix of any of the above!


Are you ready to bring your working community closer together?

Book a consult with us to find out if the the PersuasionPoint Culture Decks is the right fit for your organization.