Learn to Eliminate Workplace Drama

Patti Perez

Podcast Title Graphic: I am not a racist!

[S1 E7] Stories from the Trenches: I am Not a Racist!

Podcast Title Graphic: My Colleague is Racist!

[S1 E6] Stories from the Trenches: My Colleague is Racist!

Podcast Title Graphic: The Importance of Workplace Equity and Inclusion

[S1 E5] The Importance of Workplace Equity and Inclusion

Podcast Title Graphic: Racial Health Equity

[S1 E4] Talking Racial Health Equity with Dr. Charmaine Gregory

Podcast Title Graphic: A Conversation About System Racism

[S1 E3] Getting Real with Prof. Al Tillery – A Conversation about Systemic Racism

Podcast Title Graphic: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Oh My!

[S1 E2] Diversity + Equity + Inclusion, Oh My!

Law Firms: The Time to Get Serious About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is NOW (Part 1)


Corporate Statements Aren’t Enough: Take Bold Action to Create Antiracist Workplaces

Podcast Title Graphic: Introduction to the Drama-Free Workplace

[S1 E1] Introduction to The Drama-Free Workplace Podcast

The Missing DEI Link: Radically Fair Workplace Investigations