[S2 E7] Well-Being Corner w/ Dr. J: Sleep

Do you find yourself constantly reaching for a refill of coffee? Do you yearn for five more minutes in bed in the morning? Do you find yourself having a hard time shutting your brain off for a good night’s rest? In this special episode, Patti Perez and Dr. Rochelle Johnson (Dr. J) discuss why sleep…

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[S2 E5] You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up: Like a Prayer

Cartoon Patti and Katie inside a TV in prayer position

“Don’t bring that up.” “Now is not the time or place for that discussion.” “Mind your business.” There are many times where we have been told certain topics are too taboo for the workplace. But, has making topics taboo actually helped us in the long run? Join Patti and Katie as they take you there…

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[S2 E4] #YCMTSU: Let’s Talk About Seco, Baby

Have you ever traveled abroad and said something or made a gesture that, as it turns out, means something entirely different in that country, language or culture? Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you do? Do you just speak more slowly and more loudly to be…

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[S2 E3] #YCMTSU: Cheetah Porn

Do Cheaters have spots or stripes? Whoops sorry. Cheetahs… I meant Cheetahs… Do cheetahs have spots or stripes? This week, Patti starts her new series, You Can’t Make That Sh*t Up. In this inaugural episode titled, Cheetah Porn. Joined again by Katie Foggiano, Patti shares her final swan song of her investigations, involving cheaters, embezzlement,…

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[S2 E2] You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up

bitmoji patti inside tv eating popcorn

This week, Patti introduces a new series format for the podcast, focusing on getting back to her roots – keeping workplaces free of drama. This episode also has a special surprise guest, Katie Foggiano, PersuasionPoint’s Director of Operations (aka the Human Swiss Army Knife). Patti and Katie start by dissecting Katie’s favorite quote from The Drama-Free…

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[S2 E1] New Season, New Trends: 2021 Emerging Workplace Trends

Season 1, Episode 2 Podcast Title Image

In this episode, Patti delves into the top three emerging trends she is seeing in the workplace. In the first episode of this two-part series, she discusses Reimagining HR departments, a focus on holistic well-being, and why companies need to start preparing for Gen Z in the workplace. On Reimagining HR Departments Studies on Lack…

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[S1 E14] Intersectionality Series: Burnout Meets Resilient Selfcare

Podcast Title Graphic: Burnout Meets Resilient Selfcare

In the final episode of the Intersectionality Series, Dr. Rochelle Johnson Benning and Patti talk about how interconnected each dimension of self care is with the resilience necessary to avoid burnout. They highlight everything from the often-overlooked social aspect of wellbeing to financial wellness and the validity of different types of coping skills. We live…

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