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When emotions are high, logic can fail

Employees at all levels from entry to C-suite are human, and humans have emotions. When those emotions become high in the workplace, this can spark poor workplace communication that spirals into personal attacks. Many of us aren’t taught the skills of effective persuasive communication, and this problem stems from our failure to teach a language that isn’t rooted in legal terminology.

We know communication is equal parts speaking and listening. When you are the speaker, remember the following:


We sometimes let emotions dictate our communication. Other times, we forget the humanity of others which can lead to harsh situations. When we forget the humanity of others, the result is the use of imprecise language which increases confusion and frustration.


Learn what motivates you and tell others. Care enough to learn what motivates others and honor their style. Doing this increases self-awareness and social-awareness, and sends a strong message about your commitment to clarity.


Clearer communication results in decreased drama.

Clear communication is kind communication

But it’s only one half of what it means to communicate. When emotions and tensions are high, we can forget that we need to listen out of fear we won’t be heard. The next time you find yourself in a high emotion situation, take a breath and try remembering:


Too often, we tell ourselves “stories” to explain what has been said to us. Be cognizant of the dangers of the ladder of inference (observation to assumption to conclusion to belief).


People often say things because of their own reality, not to purposely hurt or anger the listener. Beware of the temptation to add information that isn’t really there.


Giving the benefit of the doubt allows you to extend grace to others…and to yourself.

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